Glass Kitchen Cabinet Doors And The Styles That Work Well

Kitchen cabinets with glass doors are pretty tricky. You either love them or you hate them. It’s easy to dismiss the option based on nothing but an association with a style that you don’t like but don’t generalize the look. Glass kitchen cabinet doors are more versatile and adaptable than you think plus they also have a practical side. They’re a pretty great compromise between solid cabinetry and open shelving, allowing you to organize everything neatly inside a unit and to have it put on display at the same time. There are, of course, lots of variations based on the type of glass you choose for your cabinets.

Transparent Glass

Transparent glass is the most common and versatile of all. It suits all styles and all kitchen types, some better than others. Simple, transparent glass for kitchen cabinet doors is the classic and safe choice in the sense that it would always look nice regardless of the latest trends. However, there are a few things to consider in this case. Even though transparent glass is the most widely available, it shows smudges and fingerprints so you have to keep the cabinet doors clean and sparkling at all times. Also, since the glass is transparent, it doesn’t really hide anything so everything inside the cabinets will be on display for everyone to see.

Frosted Glass

If you want a type of glass that at least gives the impression of hiding the contents of your kitchen cabinet, consider frosted glass. This is a type of glass that’s blasted with sand or grit and which has a cool and sleek look, being suitable for modern decors and settings. Keep in mind that frosted doesn’t mean opaque so perhaps your guests might not be able to distinguish the little details on the boxes and other things that you keep in your cabinets but they’ll still be able to see their silhouettes and to figure out that your cabinets are a mess when that’s actually true. A cool thing about frosted glass, however, is the fact that it can be etched with custom patterns and designs.

Textured Glass

Another option is textured glass which is molded or embossed to show all sorts of patterns. This technique makes the glass stand out from a visual and tactile point of view. There are lots of options to choose from. Rain glass, for instance, is a lovely option but so is the ribbed, pebbled, grooved or beveled glass. Kitchen cabinets with this sort of glass cabinet fronts don’t usually show stains, marks and fingerprints. They also hide any streaks really well. However, a downside is the fact that such designs can become outdated quickly.

A particularly interesting type of glass is seeded glass which has a vintage charm that you simply can’t ignore. This type of glass features tiny bubbles and has a handcrafted look that gives it an old-fashioned appeal that usually defined vintage and cottage decors but which can also look great in traditional settings. Then there’s also leaded glass which has a special type of charm. It looks elegant and it usually looks good in traditional decors, having an artisanal look. It can be stained and it can usually be found in salvage shops, flea markets or through specialty retailers.

The Bottom Line

There are obviously quite a few options to choose from when it comes to glass kitchen cabinet doors. It’s important to know what you’re looking for and to have a specific purpose in mind so you can pick the best option for you and your kitchen. For example, if you want to put things on display, opt for transparent glass and turn your kitchen cabinets into display cases but if you’d rather have some privacy, then perhaps you should pick frosted or opaque glass.

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