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Raised in St. Catharines, I knew I wanted to explore but always knew I would settle down in the area. I was always creative and my favourite part of projects at school was the presentation. It’s refreshing to remind myself I was creative before the world of Pinterest and You Tube. They are great tools but I see people becoming more overwhelmed with the content available now and want to help people sort through the trends and get you to your end goal. I started out in the working world as a family photographer then moved on to visual merchandising and realized I had an eye for space and how to create different feelings by simply placement of pieces. I decided to pursue my love for design academically and went to Georgian College for Interior Design and Decorating where I was able to fine-tune my natural skills. I now inspire, create, and deliver beautiful kitchen and bathrooms for my clients. This is what I love doing!

I pride myself on taking care of my clients and ensuring the design process an enjoyable one. I understand it is a significant investment and I take your investment seriously, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun along the way. I guarantee that every home regardless of budget will be beautiful and comfortable and enjoyable. To me every project is unique to so I take into consideration your lifestyle, budget, and personality then infuse my expertise to create your vision.

First design memory?

I used to draw floor plans of my bedroom and I’m sure I still have them. I also remember my mom painting a room of the house every time my dad was away for work. She influenced me quite a bit.

Where are you most inspired?  On vacation, its good to give the mind some negative space and come back refreshed.

Favourite fashion designer? I love various designers for different reasons. Elli Saab for being whimsical and romantic. Oscar de la Renta and Dior for being tailored and they have an architectural feature. I really love anything that is simple with a dramatic element.

Thing you would buy for you own home if money were no object? Art.

If you were a fabric what would you be and why? Raw silk- Natural, sensitive, beautiful and full-bodied.

Traditional/Contemporary design ratio (%) 40/60

Neutral/Colour design ratio (%) 70/30

The most exciting part of any design project is… Sharing the design plan with the client. The excitement from the client and myself is always fun.

My style would be described by my colleagues as … Relaxed, clean lines, asymmetrical, neutral textures accented by unexpected colour.

If I weren’t a decorator, I would be… Photographer

The trend I will never revisit is… borders, stencils and carpeted bathrooms

Movie I could watch over and over… The Sound of Music

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Gracja is an enthusiastic and a highly creative dynamic team player who passionately demonstrates the ability to achieve clients’ needs within their time frame. She exhibits an eye for design and function. She thrives on new innovative concepts and products. She has always been intrigued by the details of design. Following her passion, she studied Design & Photography.

With the combination of creative capabilities, technical skills and years of design and customer service experience, Gracja strives to provide her clients with design solutions and is passionate about working together with them to create their dream kitchen.


Kitchen design is both a passion and profession for Charlene who has been creating beautiful custom kitchens for her customers for many years. A high-quality, custom kitchen is very personal. Each unique project she creates for her clients expresses their personal style. Her love of cooking and culinary expertise informs the functionality of each project.


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