Shaker cabinets? Check out these popular hardware options.

Shaker cabinets offer a simple and traditional design. Versatility is a large part of what makes them so timeless. Ultimately, you achieve the vibe you’re going for through the finishing touches, one of those being the hardware you choose. We’ve selected some of the top hardware styles for shaker cabinets, and what looks they will bring to your kitchen.

Classic Ceramic Knobs

Ceramic knobs bring such charm to your kitchen. They’re reminiscent of a sweet country cottage, or an old world farm house. It’s not hard to imagine the scent of a freshly baked pie or loaf of bread cooling in the window. Ceramic knobs pair quite nicely with natural wood finishes and glass hutch cabinets. Wether you choose plain white or a funky pattern, ceramic knobs give your kitchen a homey flair.

Elegant Glass Knobs

Add elements of grace and style with glass or crystal knobs. Mimicking a french perfume bottle or an old fashioned whiskey decanter, glass knobs bring a delicate sophistication to your cabinets.

Simple Brass Nickel Knobs

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it conventional. Brass and nickel knobs are one of the most popular choices when it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware. Complement stainless steel appliances and industrial style lighting with this uncomplicated choice of hardware.

Modern Tubular Bar Pulls

If you’re looking for a more contemporary approach, tubular bars seem to be a favorite of the future. The current design couples beautifully with darker finishes and larger tiles. Tubular bars can also be used horizontally or vertically, and can be as long or short as you like. Go with a shorter bar for a more modest appeal, or make a statement with longer ones.

Sleek Flat Bar Pulls

Flat bar pulls are a trendy addition to your shaker cabinets. They’re both smooth and sharp, pairing nicely with other square edges amongst your kitchen. Choose flat bar pulls to enhance light or dark cabinets, marble counter tops, and intricate tile.

Vintage Bin Pulls

Something you might find in the offices of the mad men era, bin pulls are a fashionable hardware choice for your kitchen cabinets. Old fashioned yet modern, there’s an appeal we can’t deny. Bin pulls are also perfect for blending different hardware styles together, so don’t be afraid to mix and match!

Retro Latches

Pulling design from old pharmacies and soda fountains, latch hardware is that without a doubt a nostalgic throwback. Maybe not the most functional if you’re in a hurry, but handy if you’re looking for a little extra security from pets or children. Latches are another hardware type that can easily be mixed and matched, so maybe just keep them to the lesser used cabinets.

Industrial Pulls With Exposed Screws

Pulls with exposed screws are functional and stylish, for the hipster in you. Combine this hardware with other raw features such as exposed brick and stainless steel appliances for an industrial chic edge.

Which hardware would you pair with your shaker cabinets?