Our Process

1. Set Your Budget

Setting a budget for your kitchen/ bath project can be an unknown challenge. Our designers will help create realistic expectations and bring your dreams to reality within your comfortable price-point.

2. Consider the Function

Consider the uses for your space. Whatever the answer be; cooking, entertaining, etc. Our designers will create a well•organized lifestyle space suited just for you.

3. Pick a Colour Scheme

The colour of the cabinets and countertop are the 2 most important decisions when starting your design process. Our experienced team will assist you with choosing the perfect fit for your style and comfort level.

4. Decide on Design

What works best for you? There are so many layouts and unique design ideas for each space. Our designers come up with the most functional options for your space and present them to you so that everything is sure to be to your liking for your dream space.

5. Delivery & Install

Our white glove delivery personnel will arrive on your scheduled date on time/ complete as promised. Our dedicated team of installers are there to ensure that your install goes smoothly as per your designed layout. Our designers are always there for you through the delivery and installation process.

6. Enjoy!

Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the space that was designed especially for You! Invite everyone to see what has been accomplished and be proud of your Kitchen Studio Niagara Design!