Are granite countertops a thing of the past?

According to a recent study by Houzz, granite has been on a three-year decline among homeowners.

“The small-scale texture of granite feels more dated than the larger scale texture offered by quartz and marble,” explains Chris. “People are willing to invest in their kitchens, so they will often choose higher-end materials like marble. Quartz is more durable than marble but looks very similar, so homeowners are able to get that high-end look without having to deal with the expensive upkeep of a material like marble.”

Danny Maman, the owner of Titanium Construction, agrees, “Granite countertops stain easily and are not as durable to the everyday wear and tear of a family using their kitchen. So people prefer the less expensive option (quartz) that is also much more durable.”

But plenty of developers are still reaching for the classic, despite its price (depending on where you live and how much is needed, anywhere from $40 to $100 per square foot).

“Calcutta marble continues to be a go-to for high-end developers and clients alike,” says Dana Sandberg, director of business development for construction management and contracting firm Best & Company. “Its gray veining is quite universally liked and is never too aesthetically controversial for resale purposes.”

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article courtesy of HomePolish