Backsplash Trends

Anyone redoing a kitchen or bathroom has no doubt mulled over the ever-present option of subway tiles, and with good reason: They’re timeless and sophisticated, yet seem to work well in virtually any style application.

But this year, the long-revered tile trend appears to have some competition. According to the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, more people seem to be thinking out of the box and turning toward more unique tile patterns.

Laid out in fresh shapes and patterns, a tiled backsplash or bathroom wall can bring a bit of the unexpected to a space, while still maintaining a classic, goes-with-anything aesthetic.

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Kitchen & Bath Backsplash Design

Fans of the traditional rectangular shape of subway tiles can turn toward herringbone, an intricate and graphic pattern that resembles the bones of a fish (and happens to be seriously trending on Pinterest). Other geometric patterns like diamonds, hexagons or scallops can also create an eye-catching display. And like subway tiles, depending on how edgy and modern you want the surface to appear, you can choose to play up the tile shape by using a contrasting tile grout. (Or go the classic-with-a-twist route with white-on-white tiles and grout.)

Who’s ready to trade up for one of these trendy tile patterns? While we’re not fully ready to abandon the subway tile train just yet, we’re seriously crushing on these subway-free kitchens and baths.